Project Neighborhood

Project Neighborhood (PN) is an off-campus housing option for sophomore, junior and senior students at Calvin College. A select co-ed group of students live together in a PN house with mentors. The current mentors for the Fuller House are Mark and Clara VanderWeide.

Housemates invest in their community, share responsibilities for food preparation, and chores. Students in the Fuller House participate in service to community ministries like Fourth Friday meals, Kids Hope mentoring, Boy's Club, and Bakers. They also take a one-credit seminar course, which can fulfill Calvin's cross-cultural engagement requirement. 

Project Neighborhood is an opportunity for students to live in an intentional residential community within an urban neighborhood. Together, students commit to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by learning to relate to others as image bearers of God, bridging social and economic barriers, and developing vision and capacity for service. This is a caring, accountable environment, shaped by prayer and Biblical principles. Students covenant (promise) to live their Christian faith together in the house and in the neighborhood in specific and tangible ways. 

Students in the house also commit to attending worship at Fuller Avenue Church at least once per month. In the Fall and Spring, you can often find students outside playing with the neighborhood kids or simply enjoying the backyard. Stop by and say "hi" to those living in the Fuller House!