Welcome to Fuller Avenue Church

We’re a church with a heart in the heart of the city! It’s not an accident that we’re located on the corner of Fuller Avenue and Hall Street, SE, but it’s central to our identity: we’re part of our neighborhood. 

It’s not only about neighbors... we dedicate ourselves to being a vibrant family of Christians, which means you will be welcomed, and invited to see how God is at work in our church, whether you’re 3 or 93. We’re committed to being transformed by God’s Holy Spirit through worship and service, so that God’s heart shows through our hearts! 

So if you’re looking for a church where you can make a difference in God’s world, you’ll find a place here. It's a place for all ages with activities and programs for everyone.

Welcome and may God bless you!

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This week at Fuller Avenue...

Sunday Worship
10:00 AM  
Pastor Nate
6:00 PM
  Pastor Nate 
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Recent Sermons

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Our Mission


As a community committed to Christ,   
  our mission is to honor God
     by engaging in worship
        growing in faith, living in fellowship,
          and serving others in his name.